What is Shab E Barat? Shab E Barat Ki Fazilat

Humans are made to worship Allah Subhan Wa Ta Ala. Humans worships Allah and He rewards them. But there are some special days to worship on the occasion's when one's heart gets softened and they naturally feels more inclined to Allah obedience, and that night is Shab E Barat.

Shab E Barat is the Night of Salvation or if you more elaborate it "Its the Night of Freedom from the Fire of Hell". Shab E Barat is the Night occurs between the 14th and 15th of Sha'ban. There are certain traditions from Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) which proves this night worthy for the people of Earth are attended by special Divine Mercy by Allah Subhan Wa Ta Ala.

Many people observe these Nights and some people try to find out refernce of this night from Ahadees Pak and ask the one's who Worship to show them any reference of Shab E Barat Hadees Ki Roshni Main in Urdu.

The month of Sha'ban in which Shab E Barat comes is the Eighth month of Lunar Year in the Islamic Calendar. In Islamic month's Shaban comes before the month of Ramadan. 

What is Barat or Bara'at Means in Word Shab E Barat ?

Bara'at is an Arabic Noun which can be roughly translated in to English Words as Innocence, Deliverance or Salvation, Assignment, Records. Shab E Barat is well known as Mid Shaban and there are some conflicts in using the word Barat for this Day.

Shab E Barat Prayers and Dua's In Urdu and English is solely a very long subject with references to Hadees and Quran so we prefer you to read What to do on Shab E Barat 2017?

So Lets elaborate Shab e Barat ki Fazilat, in Urdu with some Images below.

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