BEHTAREEN - Wazifa for Rizq - Rizq ki Dua - Rozi Ki Dua in Urdu / Hindi

Every one wants to earn Halal Rizq for themselves. We all work and earn money and spend all that money on our family to be happy. but many times this thing happens to all of us that what we earn we never get enough of it. Some times we get enough of it and the other time we have nothing in our hand even we lost our job or business in a matter of seconds.

wazifa for rizq, rizq ki dua, rozi ki dua, Karobar Mein Barkat ki Dua, Rozi Ki Dua in Urdu

For all these problems in Life we must pray to Allah SWT and try hard to get our Rizq back in our hand with the help of Allah which we forget in our daily life.

Wazifa for Rizq

No one is in a Doubt that all the Rizq is provided by Allah SWT to everyone. With this discrimination from Allah that some are provided more then some others but Allah SWT gives everyone lesser or excess. so for those Allah Pak is giving lesser they may perform Salah and do this Wazifa for Rizq to get the Rizq which they deserve from Allah.

Agar App Bay Rooz Gaar hain aur app apni amdani main izaafa chahatay hain to Rozi me barkat ki dua k saath saath yeh Wazifa bhe Shuro ker den. 

Rizq ki Dua - Karobar Mein Barkat ki Dua

Karobar mein barkat ki dua laazmi kiya kerain jub bhe apne karobar per jain sub say pehlay safai suthrai kerain or phir Karobar k liye Dua kerain. Neechay di gai dua Surah Luqman ki Ayat no 26 hai. Rizq k liye Islamic Dua in Hindi / Urdu Translation. 

Rozi Ki Dua in Urdu - Dua for Wealth - Urdu / Hindi

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