Different 7 Names of Surah Fatiha with Meaning

Names of Surah Fatiha

7 Names of Surah Fatiha

7 Names of Surah Fatiha are most popular. There are many other names, like you will get 12 names of Surah Fatiha, 25 names of Surah and others but these 7 Names of Surah Fatiha are most Commonly described.

Surah Al Fatiha is known as Umm Al Katib, means "The Mother of the Book (Qura'an)" or Umm Al Qura'an (The Mother of Qura'an). Then its also called as Sab'a Al Mathani means the "Seven Repeated [Verses]", this Appellation is taken from Quran Verse no 15:87. 

Al Hamd means "Praise" because Muhammad PBUH Hadith is "The Prayer, is divided into two parts, between Me and my servants. When the servants offer the prayer and says, 'All praise is due to Allah', the Lord of all existence, then Allah says, 'My servant has praised Me'. 

Al Shifa"the Cure", because hadith narrates that Hazrat Muhammad PBUH said "The Opening of the Book is a cure for every Poison". 

Al-Ruqyah "Remedy" or "Spiritual Cure". and Al-Asas, "The Foundation", referring to the Quran and its the Start and main foundation of the whole Quran.

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