Shab E Barat Prayers and Duas in Urdu and Shab E Barat Nawafil

Shab E Barat Prayers and Duas in Urdu and Shab E Barat Nawafil to pray on the day of Salvation. In Previous post we tried to define What is Shab E Barat? Shab E Barat Ki Fazilat, its for people who do not know about Shab E Barat and want to know about it they can easily understand what it is and in this Post they will come to know what to Pray in Shab E Barat and Specially Shab E Barat Prayers in Urdu.

On the Night of Salvation means Shab E Barat Prayers in Urdu is the question asked by everyone by Maulana's and other Religious people. some people use to ask Questions Such as

  • What to Pray on Shab E Barat ? (Night of Salvation)

  • Kiya Shab E Baraat Ki Fazilat Hai Koi ?

  • Shab E Barat K Nawafil Kaisy Parhain ?

  • Shab E Barat Prayers and Duas in Urdu ?

  • Shab E Barat Dua (Dua Nisf Shaban) 

  • Shab E Barat Dua in Hindi ? (India)

so here we some up the answers for Shab E Baraat Prayers and Duas in Urdu below.

Nawafil for Shab-E-Baraat

  • 6 Rakaat Nafl Prayer for Shab E Barat

After Maghrib, Read 6 Rakaat Nafl Prayer (2+2+2). After two rakaats Nafl read Surah Yaseen Once. In reward of this special prayer on Shab E Baraat, Allah Azwajal will give you a healthy and prosperous life for this whole year. Inshaa Allah !

  • 12 Rakaat Nafl Prayer for Shab-E-Barat
Read Surat Fatiha Once and Surah Ikhlas 10 times in this prayer. After every Nafl read 

3rd Kalma : 10 times
4th Kalma : 10 times
Durood e Ibrahimi : 100 times

  • 8 Rakaat Nafl Prayer with One Salaam

In each Rakaat read 

Surah Fatiha : once 
Surah Ikhlas : 11 times

About this 8 Rakaat Nafl Hazrat Faima (May Allah be pleased with her) have said that who ever will observe this Nafl on the night of Salvation (Shab-E-Baraat) and present its reward to my soul, then I will strongly recommend his/her forgiveness to Almighty Allah before I will enter the Heavens.

  • The Prophet (Peace be Upon him) used to read this Dua so we can also read this
Allahumma Inni Al-Aloka afwa wal afiyata wal muafatad-daimata fid dunya wal akhirah.

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